20 new mom truths!

20 new mom truths!

1.You will hear all sorts of delivery and nursing nightmare stories as soon as you share your own!

2. You will want to burn your maternity clothes even if you plan on having more kids.

3. You will never want to see another stripe pattern on clothes again. There seems to be a common belief that pregnant and nursing mothers want to only wear stripes and plain clothes!

3. You will lose tiny socks in the wash. Yes there is such thing as a sock monster!

4. You will be able to shower, wash and dry your hair, and get dressed in less than ten minutes. In generally you will be quicker at every single thing you do. I'm always amazed how I can paint nails in three minutes at the start of nap time to ensure they are dry by the time the kids wake up!

5. You will now realise why friends of yours with children disappeared off the planet for a while!

6. You will be so proud of every pound your baby gains. Percentiles and growth charts will now become important to you.

7. You will laugh out loud at your OB when she asks what you plan on using for birth control at your six-week postpartum checkup. Although I say that now and I certainly have more than one friend that got pregnant pretty quickly after!

8. You won't stop worrying that you'll make your baby bleed when you clip his fingernails. 

9. You will wish you had the time and brain cells to read just one of the novels you blew through when pregnancy heartburn kept you up all night.

10. You won't have the desire or the time to iron the crib skirt after you first wash it. And the wrinkles will drive you crazy. But not crazy enough to dismantle the crib and iron it.

11. You will wonder how other new moms manage to be so skinny, put-together, or energetic. This one I still wonder about, it's just not me!

12. You will have that one friend who drives you mental comparing how well their baby is doing in comparison to yours!

13. You will never again touch an infant that isn't yours on the hands or face.

14. You will forget all about your difficult day with your baby when you finally see her sleeping peacefully at night.

15. You will thank God for caffeine.

16. You will get used to how your husband comes home from work, checks on the baby, and "accidentally" wakes him up.

17. You will pretend you don't smell your child's dirty diaper as you hand her to Dad. I'm so guilty of this one! 

18. You will over-bundle your baby for winter outings. Although never as much as the grannies usually. They are big believers in you can never have enough layers on them!

19. You will feel naked when you walk outside alone.

20. And my all time favourite.... you will rejoice when the baby's bald spot finally fills in. Now if only there were something to do about her mullet.