Guest blog by Baby Ventura - Tips for planning you dream nursery

Guest blog by Baby Ventura - Tips for planning you dream nursery

We are thrilled the incredible Baby Ventura has written a guest blog for us. Arlene from Ventura Design has given us some of her top tips for creating your dream nursery. With their client list including everyone from Vogue Williams to The Style Fairy, they are specialists in nursery design and we are delighted to be able to give you this exclusive sneak peak into their process! 

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1/ Start with space planning, this is essential. Firstly, work out what you absolutely need for the nursery ie baby cot, baby changing table and armchair. Get the essentials right first and then move towards the decorating which is the fun part. 

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2/ Natural light is key to check for and how it works in the space. Take some time look for this in the room. Black out window treatments will be very important also to help your baby (and parents!) sleep. 

3/Storage is extremely important, especially as your little one grows. One can never have enough storage in a nursery for the essentials ie: nappies and your little ones ever growing wardrobe and toy collection. Everything should have a place and careful planning can help you achieve a space that flows easily and works hard for you. 

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4/ Flooring should be very robust and durable. I would recommend a hypo allergenic carpet or a laminate flooring. Laminates have rapidly improved over the years and amazing wooden floor options help both a small space look larger- but are easy to maintain. 

5/ Lastly try and figure out what your baby style is. We’ve created a number of different baby styles to help inspire parents when entering into the world of nursery design. Anything from a Space to Circus baby theme can be achieved through our expert design team at Baby Ventura. Our most recent client Vogue Williams, has gone with a jungle theme for her nursery and we are looking forward to the big reveal this September, so stay tuned. 

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