Bow & Rattle - Luxury Baby Changing Bags
Currently shipping to Ireland, the UK, Europe (except France due to restricitions) and Canada due to Covid shipping restrictions.

Exclusive Baby Changing Bags

"This bag has brought order to my life. It is by far the best changing bag I have come across. ”

--------- Kate Freud - Editor-at-large Baby magazine

“I've been using it for a few months now and LOVE IT! It's a brilliant size, big enough for all of Alfie & Ava's needs, so comfy on my shoulders and looks so good. I can't recommend it enough"

--------- Philippa Bloom - @wearetwinset

"Love this new brand! Stunning design and colours with all the functionality and added extras. This will take you beyond the baby years"

--------- Georgia Dayton and Zoe Hardman - Founders of Made my Mammas

"I love the simplicity of this design (the heather bag) and the fantastic range of colours. The perfect option if you like classic luxury with a twist."

--------- Bonita Turner - Editor of Junior Magazine
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