It’s beginning to look a lot like… A Christmas baby! - Bow and Rattle
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It’s beginning to look a lot like… A Christmas baby!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…  A Christmas baby!

So if you are spending these last few weeks of 2019 waddling around waiting on baby to arrive, you might be looking for a nice little distraction right about now – which is why we have rounded up 11 of the absolute prettiest and most seasonally perfect baby names for you to consider when your little Christmas baby makes his (or her) appearance:

1. Casper

Some say he was one of the three wise men.

2. Lucia

She was an Italian saint, and her name means 'light' – which we think is all sorts of sweet.

3. Dasher

Yes, he is one of Santa's reindeer, but just think of how cute 'Dash' would be for a nickname!

4. Holly

How sweet (and Christmas-y) of a name is Holly?!

5. Gabriel

THE Christmas angel, you guys.

6. Stella

Stella means 'star' – making it the perfect moniker for a baby girl born this week, we think.

7. Felix

Felix means 'happy' and 'prosperous' and we think these are both pretty fitting for the week we are in, no?

8. Wynter

We love this feminine and sweet this slightly different spelling of winter is.

9. Kristopher

A little bit 'Frozen,' a lot awesome.

10. Candy

Just tell us candy canes aren't everyone's favourite sweet this time a year?!

11. Balthazar

Also one of the three wise men, and one heck of a name, let's be honest.


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