5 key tips to keep baby's bedtime routine intact when you're away from home

5 key tips to keep baby's bedtime routine intact when you're away from home

At Christmas time, many of us have to travel to be with out families.

This is obviously all sorts of lovely, but it also means that sleep routines and bedtime rituals get interrupted – and to everyone who has ever had young children, I am sure we can all attest to just how unpleasant that can be.

In the first two years after my little girl was born, we traveled a lot. In fact, so much so that by the time she turned two, she had 200 flights under her belt and had visited no less than seven countries – and stayed in a lot of different hotel rooms.

And much as my little girl was in general a fairly easy baby (thank God!), I also learned (the hard way) how much trouble in can cause when their little routine get all out of whack when you are away from home.

But, like as with most things when it comes to parenting, the trial-and-error method made me eventually adapt a few handy tricks that made everything so much easier when traveling with my baby in tow.

If you are traveling with your baby this holiday season, here are five little things I would suggest you try, that might ensure you a happier Christmas – and some more silent nights.

1. If it ain't broke, don't even think about fixing it

At this stage, you've got the night-night routine down at home: A lovely bath in the tub, a book, a little song and a steady stream of snuggles and kisses, and your little one is out. Boom; mama time.

And remember this: The more of your routine you can keep on holidays, the easier your life will inevitably be. So stick to your script and make the bedtime routine as close to the at-home version as possible. This may mean bringing your baby's own hooded Minnie Mouse towel and toting along the bedtime books she is used to having read to her.

2. Bring Your Own

Chances are (I have tested this theory a lot!) your baby will fall asleep much quicker in the bed linens he or she is used to from home.

3. Pack Two Sets Of Jammies

You might know the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in at home, but keep in mind you don't know how the temperature will be wherever you are staying. Prepare for this by bringing your own duvet, and pack two set of jammies, one lighter, one more warm and snug.

4. Get The Best Room In The House

When it comes to getting your baby to sleep somewhere new, and in a house full of holiday guests, try to score yourself the bedroom that is the furthest away from any common area where there might be more noise.

5. Your Stroller Will Save You

I don't know about you, but both my babies always tended to fall asleep the minute they were put in their stroller and walked around. This meant that if all else failed when it came to getting them to sleep when we were away from home, I would stick them in their stroller (in their PJ's and ready for bed) and literally walk around corridors or rooms until they started snoozing.

Mission accomplished!

What are YOUR best tips for making sure your baby sticks to routine when on holidays? Let us know in the comments!


Written by Trine Jensen