The Inspiration behind our Baby Changing Bags

As an entrepreneur and a new mum, I was passionate about designing a collection of bags that helps Mum’s to feel good about themselves, at a time where they can become lost in the overwhelming world of parenting. On my emotional parenting journey, I was very lucky to have had so many wonderful and inspiring female figures in my life. Each one of them played a vital role in getting me to where I am today and shaping how I’ve grown, how I mother and how I love. These women have been so important in my journey that I wanted to name my bags after each one. Not only the name represents them, but their personalities shine through in the design too. Each bag I designed is made with love and represents my family and their never ending support.

I’m so delighted you chose us to support you on one of the most exciting and emotional journey in your life,  and hope you’ll cherish your new bag on the journey ahead.

Caragh O'Driscoll


Bow & Rattle is a unique Irish brand that creates beautiful timeless bags and accessories in the highest quality luxurious materials. They are perfect for every stage of the exciting and emotional journey of starting a family! As stylish as they are on the outside, they are as beautifully crafted on the inside. Lovingly designed with unparalleled attention to detail in everything we do, each bag has lots of pockets and space, and is created with the finest materials, Bow & Rattle bags will be your best companion at every stage of parenting!

what we offer

At Bow & Rattle, every day we strive to create new products to make sure that as parents you can enjoy our range of luxurious bags. Each bag is made with love and named after the most inspirational and supportive women in our lives. They reflect what it is really like to be a modern (and busy!) parent, and is perfect for Mums and Dads from the newborn stage upwards. Also, they are the perfect gift that will make any Mum look good!