What is the best baby changing bags for your needs

What is the best baby changing bags for your needs

Here’s the thing, moms – once that baby arrives, your changing bag and you will be inseparable. Trust me. This bag will hold your life at this stage, and will be going everywhere with you these next few years. Meaning - it is important to pick the right one for you.

There are many things to consider, of course – and your needs might change over time – especially if you go from being a mom of one to a mom of two – or more – while still using a changing bag.

A changing bag needs to be comfortable, hard-working and practical – and as a bonus, how great would it be if you found all that in a bag that was also stylish and chic?


Different Kinds of Changing Bags

Just like any other handbag, changing bags also come in many different shapes, styles, sizes and materials.

There are, however, a few changing bag types that are more common than others, and so let’s look at these and compare the benefits of each.


Tote changing bag

A tote-style changing bag is probably closest in style to any other handbag you would have used prior to motherhood.

Totes are as functional as they are stylish and are simple to use – just fling over your arm or shoulder, and off you go. Many of these styles of changing bags such as our Heather bag, Rosie bag and Mia changing bag also come with a longer shoulder strap that you can attach or detach depending on your need.

Tote style changing bags open from the top, and many are kitted out with plenty of internal pockets and compartments, meaning you can easily find what you are looking for at a glance.


Backpack changing bags

Backpack changing bags are not only super-practical as they leave you with your hands completely free, but they are also stylish, extra dad-friendly and even better for your back when it comes to carrying them around.

Most backpack changing bags such as our Jenny bag and Rita changing bags are large enough to be perfect for moms of more than one child too, and often have lots of both internal and external pockets, making it easy to stay organised and have room for everything you need to bring with you. From extra clothes to swaddles to bottles and small containers of food, your backpack changing bag will fit it all.

Many backpack changing bags come with a changing mat, meaning you literally have everything you need with you in one practical, multi-functioning bag.

Backpack changing bag advantages

Frees up your arms and hands

Large bag that comes with lots of storage space

Multiple pockets make it easy to stay organised

More unisex style changing bags


Messenger style changing bags

A great choice for families, as many of these styles are very unisex. Messenger style changing bags such as our Trenier changing bag have many of the same features as the tote bag, but often a slightly more masculine design, making them a very ‘dad-friendly’ choice.

Cross body straps are practical, leaving you with your hands free when out and about, and these bags are also very spacious inside, with plenty of room for all your bits and bobs, including changing mat, food, drinks, change of clothes etc.

Messenger changing bag advantages

Easy access

Can be carried with your hands left free

Unisex style

Spacious with good storage


Convertible changing bags

A changing bag that can be converted from bag to backpack is the perfect choice if you are struggling to decide between a bag and a backpack. Here is the best of both worlds, all wrapped up in one bag.

Our Bow & Rattle Rita Convertible Changing Bag can be used as a regular tote bag with the short straps, and it also comes with a long strap so you can use it as a crossbody or hang it over your stroller. Not only that, it also comes with detachable padded backpack straps so you can easily convert it to a diaper bag backpack when you are on the go.

The beauty of this style of changing bag is that you can buy one bag instead of two, and still have the flexibility of two very different styles of changing bags, so you can easily adapt the bag depending on your day and needs.


Convertible changing bag advantages

Very versatile

Lots of storage and practical pockets

Unisex and family-friendly

‘Grows’ with your needs and childs


Mini changing bags

Mini changing bag styles, like our Marcelle Mini Baby Bag, are perfect for short trips out, like a supermarket run or when you are just grabbing a coffee with a friend. You can fit the bare essentials, like some nappies, a packet of wipes and your wallet, keys and phone.

The Marcelle Mini Baby bag comes with a zipped inside pocket, making it easy to grab what you need and find what you are looking for at one quick glance.

These bag styles are also perfect for moms of slightly older babies or toddlers, who might not need quite as much stuff with them for every outing and trip out of the house.


Mini changing bag advantages


Holds just essentials

Ideal for short trips out or for children who are no longer babies



What to look out for when picking a changing bag

Regardless of look and style, when it comes to picking a changing bag, there are certain features you need to be on the lookout for in order to get a bag that actually works as a practical changing bag when out and about with baby.


Storage space – with a newborn and young baby, you need lots of it. Whenever you leave the house, you need to pack things like nappies, wipes, swaddles, extra clothing, bibs, bottles and maybe even your baby carrier. Make sure the bag you pick can hold all this, and still leave room for your own essentials, like wallet, phone, keys and even maybe your makeup bag.


Practical pockets and storage compartments – when it comes to life with a little one, you need to be able to grab things out of your bag in an instant when needed. You also want to make sure items are easy to locate in your bag, meaning internal and external pockets and compartments are a must. Zipped pockets will keep your phone safe from spills and sticky bits and will make sure you find your keys straight away instead of having to dig around for the for ages.


Easy to clean – because babies come with a lot of spills and spit-up and mess in general, picking a changing bag that is easy to clean is going to save your sanity (and bag) in the long run. Our Bow and Rattle bags are all made from beautiful, easy-to-clean, vegan leather, and can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth when needed. Even the lighter colour bags are easy to keep clean!


Gender-neutral – if you are planning on having more children, it will make sense to buy a changing bag that can be used regardless of the sex of your next baby. It also makes sense when it comes to who will be using the bag when out and about with your baby, from partners to grandparents, it makes sense to opt for a style of bag that everyone will feel comfortable carrying around with them.


Compatibility with your stroller – as your bag may spend quite a bit of time hanging or on your stroller depending on how much you like things to match it can be useful to have your stroller picked first so you can see what colours work best with what you have.