Read the label: 5 beauty ingredients to avoid if you are pregnant

Read the label: 5 beauty ingredients to avoid if you are pregnant

In a bid to stay looking young the majority of us resort to lotions and potions that promise to help us do just that. 

The thing to remember, though, is that your skin is actually not only your largest organ, but also a very porous one, so that everything you put on it, also ends up inside it. This is something to be aware of at the best of times, but maybe even more so when you are pregnant.

Not only because you are growing a baby in there, but also because your body is, even just hormonally speaking, going through a lot of changes during pregnancy.

So if you are currently expecting, you might want to read these tips on what dermatologists and doctors advice you to avoid right now:

1. Retinoids (Vitamin A)

Commonly used to treat wrinkles and acne, many doctors recommend pregnant women should be careful with and even avoid using any product containing vitamin A (retinol) and its derivatives such as isotretinoin, retinoic acid, and especially orally administered retinoids. High doses of vitamin A can, in extreme cases, can cause birth defects and liver toxicity. And while just a small amount every day may seem harmless, it can build up, so it’s best to avoid.

Some products have a higher concentration of active ingredients than others, and if you are really struggling with acne and bad skin, talk to your doctor or skin care professional about alternatives that are safer to use when you are pregnant.

2. Salicylic acid (BHA)

Salicylic acid is often used to treat very bad acne and while small amounts have been deemed safe enough to use, many doctors warn of the cocktail effect and risk of multiple products containing low doses, adding to your expose.

3. Aluminum chloride hexahydrate

You might not have heard of this one, but aluminum chloride hexahydrate is commonly found in antiperspirants, and actually affects the cells that produce sweat. Now, we know as well as you do that all the hormones do make us sweat more when we are pregnant, so we are not telling you to ditch the deodorant completely, just to look for cleaner and safer alternatives for now.

4. Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is often used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation (you know those ageing dark spots on your skin?), but is often advised best avoided by many doctors and dermatologists while pregnant due to its high systemic absorption rate.

5. Fillers and botox

This one should really go without saying, we think. But know this: Most good dermatologists will probably shy away from administering any injectable fillers when you're pregnant, mostly due to the lack of medical research into whether or not this is deemed safe.

So ditch the harsh chemicals and needles, and just embrace your natural glow for the next few months, mamas.