Motherhood unfiltered

Motherhood unfiltered

Becoming a mom is an incredible and happy time but equally it can be chaotic, crazy and full of unexpected surprises!! Here's a little unfiltered look at what new moms can expect!

Not every moment is joyous

Contrary to popular belief and all the happy smiling images that are portrayed in the media and online, being a mother can be tough. There will be moments when you wonder why on earth you did this and miss the old you. Spare yourself the mom guilt as this is totally normal. If you can just capture a few happy moments you treasure each day well then you are doing great!

Worry, worry, worry

With a new baby comes more crazy and irrational thoughts than you ever thought you could conjure! This is completely normal. You might be fixated on them choking or someone snatching them or over if that cold is going to turn into something more deadly. Just remember that it's a phase like everything and you will get through it. It's times like these that your support network is vital. They will help see you through the tough times and try calm your mind when necessary. The good news is that it does get easier. You'll be laughing by the second child at how big issues seemed at the time with your first!

You can't control everything

If you're controlling by nature you will have to prepare yourself to let go a little. We tend to start out as parents who are by the book in the beginning but quickly the realisation dawns on you that you can't control every situation and with a newborn baby you will have to go with the flow to a certain amount. The sooner you can let go of your expectations a little the quicker you will enjoy the situation more and learn to cope better when things don't go to plan.

You may be a different parent to the one you thought you would be

Before I had my sons I had so many notions of what I would and wouldn't do. I wasn't going to let them watch TV when they were little, they weren't going to eat sweets, I wasn't going to offer rewards just to get them to do something I needed. Very quickly this all went out the window. My friends and I now laugh at some of the notions we had. Absolutely if they are important to you and you are able to stick to them that's ok to see them through. But it's also good to be aware that it's ok to change your opinions on how you parent. It's very different when little personalities kick in and sleep depravation is on top of you. Sometimes you just need to get things done so it's better to go with the flow if you're happy to then panicking if it wasn't always in your plan.

It's ok to be a mess!

Showers, bras, clean clothes.... these all become optional when you are a new mom. For the first few months it's ok to just do what you need to do to be comfortable and survive he adjustment period!



Photo by Wayne Evans from Pexels