Caragh O'Driscoll, Bow and Rattle

Meet our founder Caragh O'Driscoll

Have you met our founder? Mum of two lovely little men and wife to her loving husband Alan, Caragh O’Driscoll developed Bow & Rattle during any spare moments she could steal during her two maternity leaves and on her evenings and weekends while still working full-time for an advertising agency. Long before she even became a mom herself she saw many of her friends struggling with their identities after they had had their babies. They so wanted to feel special and like ‘themselves’ again but were having a tough time feeling comfortable in their post baby bodies. The one item that they really weren’t happy with was their baby changing bags. They were lusting after something that was stylish but that had to be practical and that would make them feel really good about themselves and what they were wearing. There were very few bags that looked luxury that were affordable and that’s when Caragh noticed the gap for beautiful changing bags.


“I wanted to create something that no matter what day they were having they could pick up and feel a million dollars again. These beautiful timeless bags were perfect to do that. Even on the days when you could barely face getting out of your pyjamas you could still feel special. The bag designs are so stylish and elegant that any outfit looks good. It was so important to me too that the quality matched the design. I’m an absolute perfectionist by nature and knew these had to be perfect for parent’s needs. I put so many hours into every little detail, from the lining, to the perfect number of pockets, to the beautiful hardware and even the packaging was so important to me. I wanted customers to know and feel how much time and thought had gone into each special piece”.


Every detail has been considered. Each of the beautiful bags is named after an inspirational female figure from her life. Having lost her mom to cancer when she was only 6 years old she had what she calls her own ‘tribe’ of incredible family and friends that gathered around to support her. “It was only right for me to name bags after each one of them. I would have been lost without their endless support and love so it’s wonderful to be able to do a little tribute to them and let them know how much they did helping to bring up a little girl who is now going on to follow her passion”. As well, Caragh’s love of business and entrepreneurship came from her father. He has helped guide her every step of the way and has now become a regular in the likes of Nordstrom and Saks handbag sections and even Italian trade fairs helping to snap pics for inspiration!


Bow and Rattle Founder

 “There have been so many ups and downs and ups again in this short time but I’m enjoying the adventure and looking forward to seeing what comes next. We are planning to open our doors to even more retailers soon making our bags even more accessible to people all over the world!”