Due date looming? Here are the top 10 things you ACTUALLY need

Due date looming? Here are the top 10 things you ACTUALLY need

Yeah! You are having a baby! Isn't it the most exciting time?!

And if you are nearing your due date (and are anything like me), you will currently be in full panic mode about all the things you have to buy for when baby finally makes his appearance!

The thing is, though, now that I have lived through the whole bringing-home-baby twice (and am hoping to do it again and again and again a few more times), newborn babies don't actually require a whole lot. In fact; most of the stuff all the books and blogs and magazines tell you that you need to buy, you can actually completely get away with not buying. (Here's looking at you, nappy bin!)

But there are some things every mama needs to have in place before bringing her new babe home, no matter how minimalist her approach. Here is our scoop on the ten baby bits you really need to invest in:

A Cot or Moses Basket

Little Sophie or James is going to need a place to sleep, now isn’t she/he? Many start off with Moses baskets and move on to cots, but if you really want to cut back on the stuff you buy, a cot will do just fine. We found the Moses basket didn't last very long and the baby quickly hit their arms off the side, waking them up so we went straight to a little crib. They look so tiny in there at first!

Nappies and wipes

Were you aware that you in the first few weeks can go through as many as 150 nappies?! Stock up. Also, not all newborns fit into newborn size nappies, so to be really prepared, buy a packet or two of the next size up as well.

A car seat

How else are you going to get that baby home from the hospital? Make sure you don't leave them in for too long and I always travelled in the back on the way home from the hospital as I wanted to hold my daughters hand the whole way!

A stroller

Because after a week or so, you’re gonna need to get outside. Trust me. There are many (many) varieties to choose from, ask for help in the shop, and make sure it is easy to fold/unfold. Don't get caught up in the 'most expensive is best' debate. Ask a friend to recommend one that she found useful. We ended up buying a second cheapo one for the car and left the other inside the hall door as pulling and lugging heavy prams in and out of the car all the time is pure torture.

Swaddle blankets

Even if you don't actually use them to swaddle the baby, these are perfect as little blankets to wrap around baby when she is feeding (or wipe up baby-vomit when guests make an unexpected visit). To to hide a leaky wet-patch on your top (it happens) We LOVE these ones from Aden + Anais, by the way.



A changing bag

Sure, you already got a ton of handbags, but trust me on this one, aa actual changing bag will just make your whole life so much easier. There are pockets and rooms for all your must-have’s and essentials, and when you are in some tiny coffee shop changing room trying to deal with a really grim diaper situation, you are going to want a bag that makes it easy to find the wipes and the spare onesie when you need it!

Tip: Get a bag that comes with its own changing mat – you’ll be thankful for this.

A feeding pillow

A typical breastfeeding session can last as long as 45 minutes and happen every two hours. You need to be comfortable - I used mine as a little sit-up area for baby when she was too small to sit up but wanted to look around.

A baby bathtub

Of course, you can just bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, but a baby bath is still a good investment. And if you're like me, and have a sink that is not always free of plates and cups and crumbs, then a baby bath will just make life that much easier. Try to get one that you can put somewhere that won't break your back.

Onesies and muslin cloths

It can be tempting to go to town when it comes to outfits for your baby, but save that money for a little later. Newborns really just need some super-soft cotton onesies (preferably ones you don't even have to pull over their heads), and muslin cloths that you can drape over your shoulder when you carry them (babies puke a lot, you see.) You will get loads as gifts so try not to over-stock. Also they grow out of the newborn ones after about 3 weeks!


Take my word on this one: Buy A LOT of pods for the Nespresso machine. You’ve got some long hours ahead of you, mama. You got this!

The other stuff

You'll feel a lot more relaxed knowing that you have things like nappy rash cream, baby nail clippers and a thermometer on hand. You are going to eventually need all this stuff anyway, so you might as well stock up now.