Keeping kids cool in Summer

Keeping kids cool during the Summer

The Irish Summer has been so amazing this year. We are loving getting to be outdoors all the time and evening walks when it’s a little cooler but we are still finding it quite a challenge to keep the kids cool with this weather and in particular to keep their bedrooms cool enough for sleep. Did you know that Kids' body surface area make up a greater proportion of their overall weight (compared to an adult) which makes them sweat more (proportionally) so they lose more electrolytes and become more at risk for dehydration? Another scary thing of parenting to be aware of!

Here are some handy tips to keep your babies and kids cool in these warm Summer months.

Keep them hydrated

Most heat related illnesses are attributable to humidity. When humidity is high, our sweat can’t evaporate and cool us as quickly as it normally does, and this can lead to an increased body temperature and the need for more fluids. If you wait until your child is thirsty it’s too late, they are already dehydrated. Keep offering sips of water or dilute to keep them hydrated. We find sometimes using coloured straws help as the novelty factor encourages them to drink more!

Make your own ice-pops

This is such a fun one to do with the kids as you can get them involved! Not only does it help to keep them cool but it helps to keep their fluids up. When I was still breastfeeding I made breastmilk icepops for Nathaniel when he was about 8 months that I could feed him. There are so many great healthy recipes out there now for lovely fresh fruit pops that the whole family can enjoy

Frozen facecloths

We like to dampen facecloths and put them in freezer bags and into the freezer. It's lovely when the kids come in after playing out in the garden to have something nice a cold to freshen up with! You can also bring these for your days out by storing the freezer bags with the cloths in your Bow & Rattle bottle thermal, it will help to keep them cool!

Snuggle Something Cool 

The microwaveable rice bags, the kind you can heat and put on your shoulders for aches and pains also work great in the summer months. Put them in the freezer for an hour or two before bedtime and let the kids take them to bed .They love having a chilly rice bag to snuggle with!

Keep the sun out!

Installing a thermal blackout blind or curtains can really help if you keep it down (or them closed) throughout the day. Not only will the darkened room help your little one sleep, specialist blackout lining can help keep rooms cooler in the blazing sun – as well as help retain heat in winter. 

Create your own cold air

A  genius tip is to lay frozen water bottles or bags of ice in front of the fan to cool the air. Just make sure to put a towel underneath so it catches the drips! Another good tip is to hang cold wet towels around the room and even the windows as the evaporating water will help the air to cool.