Packing your baby changing or diaper bag

How to pack your baby changing bag like a pro

Sometimes, packing your baby or toddler's changing bag can be an overwhelming experience, since you never really know what could happen and what you may need. We have streamlined it down to the basics and then added a few of our favourite must haves too. Here are a few of the most important things you may need:

Change of clothes – always bring an extra change of clothes incase your child gets messy. For small babies, you can just pack a spare vest and sleepsuit to save space; for older babies and toddlers, choose simple spares like leggings and a t-shirt.

A large freezer bag -is also handy to transport dirty clothes home.  

Nappies - a small stack of nappies is essential

Baby wipes -perfect for cleaning mom and child when spills occur. Our handy tip is to look for packets that have a plastic lid, rather than the type with a peel-back opening, as these are less likely to come undone and dry out in your bag. 

Nappy rash cream - an essential for baby changing.

Top tip: Buy one of those miniature pots of cream and keep topping it up at home so you’re not carrying around a heavy tub with you.

Tissues – again for the mess and those little noses!

Nappy sacks - to dispose of used nappies or store wet items. 

Hand Sanitizer a good addition in case you can’t get to wash your hands after dealing with a nappy.

Top tip: Keep all of your nappy changing kit in one compartment inside your changing bag so everything is in one place so you can easily see where everything is and grab it on the go.

Food pouches - healthy snacks for you and the child depending on their age. Here at Bow & Rattle headquarters we’ve all experienced it too many times being caught out somewhere with nothing to eat and no time to get something. We love brining small sachets of nuts or pieces of fruit. If your baby or toddler is on solids, remember to pack not just his food, but also cutlery – you can buy weaning cutlery sets that come in their own case for easy travels. Include their sippy cup and any snacks they might need while you’re out.

Toys – for even the smallest of babies little toys or rattles can be a great distraction. For toddlers it’s essential!

Milk - Bottle(s) of formula or expressed breast milk if you're bottle-feeding. If you’re bottle feeding, make sure you pack enough empty bottles and formula – special milk powder containers, which have several compartments each holding enough powder for one feed, are ideal. If you’re not sure if you’ll have access to hot water, take a flask with you. 

Hat - essential to have incase the weather gets cooler or the sun might come out!

Sunscreen – lots of the sunscreen brands do small travel size bottles. Handy to keep one in your bag just incase.

Bibs - pop a couple of bibs in your changing bag, too: fabric ones are more portable than plastic bibs, as they can be rolled up small. We are huge fans of keeping one or two disposable bibs in your bag too that you can just throw away after use.

Muslins - One of the most useful things to include in your changing bag is a muslin. These are fantastic multi-taskers: as well as using them to mop up dribbles, you can use them as a cover-up when you’re breastfeeding, as a blanket if it turns chilly, or as a makeshift sun canopy for the pushchair or car seat. 

Soother - if your baby uses a dummy, make sure you always have a few spares in your changing bag.

Medicines - it’s also a good idea to pop in some single-dose sachets of infant paracetamol and a tube of teething gel.

A change for mom - If you can squeeze in a spare top for yourself, do: it’s highly likely to come in useful at some point!

As long as you don't forget these essentials, you're all set wherever you need to go—whether it's a trip to the park, a playdate, or a day in town, these essentials should have you covered!