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Flying with baby: Here’s how to pack your handbag so that every eventuality is covered

Flying with baby: Here’s how to pack your handbag so that every eventuality is covered

Feeling a little anxious about boarding your very first flight with baby? Leaving the comforts of home when you have a little person in tow can be a little stressful, especially the in-flight bit, where you have to make it with just the stuff you have in our carry-on bag.

Which is why packing smart is essential.

 Having been in a situation where I endured a lot (A LOT) of flights in my firstborn’s first couple of years, here is my list of what you absolutely should make sure you got packed and ready before boarding that flight:


  1. Nappies


Depending on the length of the flight, you need to make sure you have at least five more nappies than you think you do. Also – take into account how long it will take for you to get from the airport to wherever you are staying while away, as you might need to change even more nappies before you get to unpack your suitcase. Tip: Babies, like adults, are affected by change, and travelling can make them veer from their regular routine – also when it comes to how often they need their nappy changed.


  1. Spare outfit


For you and the baby – because spills and spit-ups and sticky hands happen. Again – pack one more spare change of clothes than you think you might need – especially for longer flights.


  1. Your baby’s comfort blanket


Airplanes can get cold, and by bringing the blanket your baby is used to from home, he or she might just settle faster.


  1. Soothers and spare soothers


Because one will always fall under the seat row in front.


  1. Zip lock bags

You’ll be so glad you brought these. Zip locks backs are a godsend for soiled babygros, soggy bibs, pacifiers that have been dropped on the floor and you get the drift.


Zip locks bags are also perfect for staying organized onboard. Airplane bathrooms are tiny, so make life easier for yourself by packing little ready-made changing packs (a clean nappy, a few wipes, cream) into zip lock bags, so that when you have to go change a nappy, just reach into your changing bag and grab one.


  1. Travel changing mat


A portable, wipe clean changing mat is a must bring. It’s nice to have a clean surface to lay the baby down on and it also provides a little padding for the baby from the hard airplane surfaces.

Luckily, your Bow & Rattle bag comes complete with a wipe-clean changing mat, so you’re all set!


  1. Muslin cloths


For protecting clothes during feeding, for burping, for feeding under if this makes you feel more comfortable – seriously, muslin clothes are the best.


  1. Medicine kit


A small digital thermometer, some Calpol, a dispenser syringe and a nasal decongestant spray are all clever things to have on hand when travelling. Teething granules or Bonjela are also good if your baby is teething.


  1. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes


Handy for wiping down the table in front, and also the changing table in the airplane bathroom.


  1. Small book and toy


Sophie the Giraffe is a winner with teething babies, a touch-and-feel book is great for keeping baby occupied, and, depending on your baby’s age, whatever else you can think of that’ll keep then happy and still for the flight.

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