Bow & Rattles Halloween Treasure Hunt!

Bow & Rattles Halloween Treasure Hunt!

So here at Bow & Rattle headquarters we've been wracking our brains as to how the kids are going to celebrate their Halloween in a way that is safe for them and others and that still feels somewhat normal for them in this new norm they have had to get used to. We have decided to do trick-or-treating in a new way. We would love you to join in too and help us make all your little ones day special and safe!

Instead of traditional trick-or-treating going door to door we are doing things a little differently this year. Both my boys are going to dress up as normal and each will get a little treat bag to collect treats and a clip board with our game below printed out and pen (what child doesn't absolutely love a clip board?!!). Each time they spot the items on the list they tick them off and Mom or Dad or whoever is with them will give them their own treat for their bags. By the time they will have ticked everything off they will have plenty of treats in their bags, will have showed off their costumes and should hopefully sleep well after a nice little walk! 

Here's all you need to take part:

- A clip board

- A pen

- A print out of this below

- Lots of treats

- Something for your little ones to collect or hold the treats in as they walk around