15 easy peasy Elf on the Shelf ideas for all tired (and out- of-ideas) parents

15 easy peasy Elf on the Shelf ideas for all tired (and out- of-ideas) parents

Has your family’s cheeky little Elf on the Shelf arrived back from the North Pole by now?

If so – how many nights have you gone to bed, tired as usual, only to remember that the little guy (or girl) doesn’t exactly move himself, and had to get back up again? Same.

But fear not – if you find yourself racking your brain for new ideas every night, this is for you. Minimum effort, yet maximum impact elf ideas coming right up – because us moms have got to sleep, right?!

1. Elf Self Portrait
Encourage your little one to draw their own self portrait when they see their elf's work of art.

Elf portrait

2. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?
Inspired, perhaps, by a certain Disney movie…?

Elf building snowman

3. Netflix and Chill Elf
I mean; elves love a good binge-watching session as much as the rest of us.

Elf watching netflix

4. Skittles Magic Trick
Place skittles on a white plate, with the note "Just add warm water" and even you
will be amazed to see the rainbow creation that appears before you very eyes
after a few minutes.

Elves with skittles

5. Shoe Shoe Train
All aboard the 'shoe, shoe' train. Line shoes back to back to create your train.

Elves making a train

6. (S)Elfie Hack
Someone's been hacked! Change all the screensavers on tech devices around the
house to a "s-elfie"  – obviously done during the night by the elf herself!

Elfie hack

7. Chilling with some music Elf
He is no doubt relaxing with some Michael Bublé right now.

Elf listening to music

8. Who Ate All the Pringles?
Somebody clearly got a little hungry during the night…

Elf on the shelf pringles

9. Drive-In Movie
Set up your iPad to play your child's favourite holiday movie for an elf-sized
drive-in experience.

Elves watching netflix

10. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
So let’s have a snowball fight indoors instead, with these cool indoor snowballs
from partypartytime.ie.

Snowballs for Elves

11. Is It Taco Tuesday Yet?
When your elf loves tacos as much as you do!

Elf Taco

12. Because Everyone Loves Harry Potter – Even Elves
How cool is this?!

Harry Potter Elves

13. Baking Up A Storm
Just add cute googly eyes and make a little baking mess and voila – elf has been
busy in the kitchen all night.

Elves baking

14. Rolling Into The Weekend Like…
These elves are having fun with some toilet rolls and the stairs…

Elf on the shelf toilet roll

15. Creative Elf
All you need is a dry erase marker and voila; elf is ready to make some art on
your family gallery wall!